"Indeed the business of the universe is to make such a fool out of you that you will know yourself for one, and begin to be wise."George Macdonald
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Using Webflow with Netlify
Configure Netlify to send particular routes to Webflow so that you can selectively serve pages that are designed and hosted on Webflow.
2 Minute Read »
Learn about how programming languages work as we design & implement a little Lisp-like language called JSON Lisp.
6 Minute Read »
Lazy Evaluation in JavaScript
JavaScript's call by sharing and getter semantics allow us to implement lazy evaluation for field access.
3 Minute Read »
No Code is Eating Software
Marc Andreessen was right, software is eating the world! Today more people can create software than ever and this trend will only continue as No Code eats software.
1 Minute Read »
Lessons from Lean Manufacturing
Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.
4 Minute Read »
Art of Abstraction
Monorepos & packages seem to be all the rage. However, simply relocating code to a package doesn’t make it more valuable. In fact, it can make it more expensive & introduce unexpected risks! The real value comes from good abstractions.
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Cost of Consensus
Alignment is Precious. The cost of alignment increases proportional to the number of agents that need to be aligned.
10 Minute Read »
Headless User Interface Components
A headless component is a component that offers maximum visual flexibility by providing no interface.
4 Minute Read »
Function as Child Components
Function as Child Components a useful technique for higher order components.
4 Minute Read »
Single State Tree + Flux
A brief Flux explanation as a pre-cursor for single state tree goodness.
5 Minute Read »
Extensible Web Summit
Developers, standards bodies, and browser implementors all working together to progress the web.
3 Minute Read »
Scenario vs. Problem Solving
Scenario solving versus problem solving and its consequences for the artifact produced.
1 Minute Read »
JavaScript Dependency Injection
A quick explanation of how the AngularJS dependency injector works, and how you could write your own simplified JavaScript dependency injection library.
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