"It is o, friends, that is faith; it is doing that thing which you, let me say, even only suppose to be the will of God; for if you are wrong, and do it because you think it is His will, He will set you right."George MacDonald
Action, Revelation & Obedience

How am I to know if it is a revelation? How am I to know if it is true?

Often times, I think we fall into a sinister and subtle trap regarding truth. We think we must see it all the way through before we set out on the journey, while it is the journey that makes us the types of beings that can understand the truth. We sit and agonize trying to determine whether or not we have received revelation rather than trusting that we have and that if we haven't and we think that we have, God will course correct us. He will not let us go long in falsehood before letting that house of cards topple over. Thank God.

When the house of cards topples will it be painful? Of course. That pain is the raw material on which God can give you understanding. It is His love that allows us to feel pain, to let the house of cards topple over that we might better understand the truth.

It is better to have our house of cards toppled over than to go on living in a delusion. What is the alternative? That we think and think and think each thought strengthening our fears and doubts and thus the less we know what to do! When it is the doing that reveals the truth. Take faith that right or wrong it will be consecrated for our good. The faith that a loving Father will reveal to us our well-intentioned mistakes and let us feel the validation & reward of truth.

It is a sinister trap indeed to be paralyzed in thought and never serving, learning & growing. It is better to be wrong and corrected moving towards the light of truth than to be damned without progression in thought.

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