Senior Staff Software Engineer
Staff Software Engineer
Senior Software Engineer
Technical lead of Platform where we designed and implemented an extensible in house structurally edited programming language that powers all Webflow sites. My role at Webflow is best described as 'the backend of the front-end'. I work on low-level primitives to help people create software without writing code.
Upgrading Webflow to a plugin based architecture. This includes cross team coordination, designing technical primitives and abstractions with multiple audiences as well as generating interest & adoption to platformize Webflow.
Design & implementation of a pluggable constraint engine to ensure end user designs are valid & safe to compile.
Contributions to the Webflow renderer which includes CSS, JavaScript & DOM compilation from end-user created data structures.
Design & implementation of a declarative & pluggable type data structure that has the ability to render interfaces to update various combinations of the types for use in site design primitives.
Entrepreneur in Residence
Open Web Architect
Software Engineer
Associate Software Engineer
Started at Domo early in the company's formation. I was part of a small team of engineers working directly with the CEO that launched the Domo brand, building their marketing site & press release pages. The technical foundation for this project powered Domo's marketing presence for several years following.
Implemented and influenced early prototypes used to raise early rounds of funding ($33 million) & validated product vision.
Designed and implemented Domo's flagship product's UI architecture & implemented several features. This included technology selection, evangelization & mentoring as well as setting up build tools, continuous integration, internationalization & testing frameworks. As the engineering team grew from a handful of us to nearly two hundred in the course of a few years I helped with onboarding, adopting technology in a rapidly evolving ecosystem, and participated in product ideation & implementation.
Contributed to Domo's native iOS offering. Then headed a responsive mobile web offering with many responsibilities including laying down build tools, continuous integration and implementing focused and fast mobile specific versions of key Domo features. I mentored a highly efficient team of engineers working closely with product managers and user experience designers.
Recruited & interviewed many candidates. Implemented fun side projects involving industrial sized train horns, whistles, drones and more lights and disco balls than you'd find at a Skrillex concert. Started and ran team building events that continue in Domo's engineering department, such as quarterly hack nights.
Web Developer
Riser Media
Architected and implemented dozens of projects for high profile clients on demanding timelines including:
A web application built for National Geographic. A photo sharing website tailored to kids and is fully moderated by National Geographic producers. Full community support including ratings, comments & profiles. Image manipulation, offensive word censoring, tags, categories and metric based browsing, and a custom search engine all built on a robust HMVC architecture.
The website for the TV Show Ugly Betty built completely with static site generation to meet strict performance requirements.
The Sesame Street video games website.
Regis & Kelly Lives Beautiful Babies Contest. Web application & site allowing viewers of Regis & Kelly to upload photos of their babies, vote and win a scholarship.
USA Network Character Blog
Pepsi Tropicana Tropolis - Website contained 3 animated worlds, several games, interactive quizzes and downloadable coloring pages and wallpapers, as well as a fully interactive area filled with information about the product for parents.
Many other projects for other prolific clients such as People of Walmart, Disney & Beard Papa
Web Developer
Red Olive
Built websites & interactive experiences for many clients; primarily front-end development. I worked with our in-house CMS and built many rich interactive Flash applications. I also skinned a few e-commerce systems.
Skills & Technology
UI Development
Full-stack Software Development
Mentoring & Leadership
Systems & Software Architecture
Communication & Empathy
Synthesizing Complexity
Modern JavaScript
Build & Development Tools
Jest, ESLint & static analysis
SQL & Document Databases
Secondary Skills
Customer Thinking
Timelines & Estimates
Analytics & Descriptive Statistics
Product Management - Agile
Working Directly With Customers
Recognition & Awards
Domo Internet of Things Hack - Best Overall
Domo Engineer of the Arbitrary Time Period*
Domo Employee of the Arbitrary Time Period*
Domo Prom King - A peer-selected award at end of year celebration.
Riser Media - Employee of the Year
Riser Media - peer-selected "Most likely to invent something huge."
12 Recommendations available on LinkedIn
Technical History
Objective-C & iOS Development
git & SVN
Express.js & Node CLIs
Angular, Backbone.js & Marionette
jQuery, MooTools & Prototype
Adobe Flash & ActionScript 2/3
CSS Preprocessors & Compass
Grunt & Gulp
Java, GWT & Play Framework
MySQL, MongoDB & Firebase
PHP, Kohana, Code Igniter & Wordpress
Apache2 & NGINX
Sentry & Adobe Digital Marketing Cloud
Jenkins & Drone - Continuous Integration
Nanoc & Docpad - Static Site Generators
Current Interests & Focus
Web Assembly
Programming Language Research
Functional Programming
Static Type Systems - Sound Types & Inference
Static Program Verification
Resilient Distributed Systems
Statistics, Math & Data Science
Framework & Platform Agnostic Shared User Interface Code
Tech Conference Organizer
Founded and co-organized ng-conf for several years, one of Utah's largest tech conferences & the official Angular conference.
Public Speaking
Spoken at several technical conferences including React Conf, GothamJS, DevLink, UtahJS, Cascadia, Utah Code Camp, Utah Open Source Conference x2 & Mountain West JS.
Open Source Author
Published several Open Source projects and collaborated directly with teams from large technology organizations such as IBM, Google & Facebook.
Alumni panelist of JavaScript Jabber podcast reaching over 1 million downloads. As well as a guest on several other podcasts such as the Shop Talk Show & the Hello World Road Trip.
Local Tech Scene
Attended, organized & presented at several local meetups, participated in local start-up competitions, sat on a few panels & taught at DevMountain. I also mentor several engineers locally fielding various questions & help remove roadblocks.
Published Musician & Tinkerer
Published music that has been downloaded/streamed more than 100,000 times. Ask me about my current and past side projects, my non-profit work or my internet-of-things experiments.